Ezra went out to camp and I had the missionaries over. He is home now. He went out to look for one of our neighbors. It is a beautiful day.
I ordered some clothes today, because I lost some weight, size medium pajamas and shirts.
So Ezra is downstairs at the neighbors. He did not come to the door when I knocked. I had to call her. He does have some home work, so I will bring him in for dinner by 6:30.
I also picked 2 pumpkins from Ezra’s garden. I do not know if he has seen them yet. They are out on the balcony.
I went to my mother’s today. I asked her for shampoo, toilet paper, dish soap,canned tuna and bananas while I was there. All I was thinking was I have to wait for the mail to get here. She is vicious. Now I am wondering if she was disliked while she worked for Washington County Mental Health, she was just a short term secretary if I recall right. On top of that she was from Lyndonville, Saint Johnsbury and so naive to the ways of the world. Now I am wondering if working there “opened her eyes”.
Ezra was upset that I picked his pumpkins.
Another thing that’s been going on is some thing good. I have been looking around and noticing how stable my home is. Everything is still here. My living room set. My dresser. The kitchen table. She can not really take over my home, can she?
6:35 p.m. Ezra is still outside skateboarding with his friends. I am going to let him come in at 8:00. He has home work to do.