Hi. I get paid tomorrow. Taking Ezra to camp and The Danville Fair in August. He starts 4th grade August 27. It kind of seems like my mother will not tell me if Tristan is going in to 5th grade this fall.
I am bemoaning being single, wearing the scarlet let A and being virtuless and all of that.
Will Tyler come back in to our lives now that Tom dumped me on Tom’s precious Facebook?
9:29 a.m. Boiling eggs for egg salad sandwiches. Ezra is disappointed that our food stamps did not come in today. Still feel like he and are are sitting ducks in a way. I am getting grouchy. I can feel it. I am worried that my mother is reading my Facebook page and that it will entice her to do some thing abusive.
I am happy that I get paid tomorrow. Very much looking forward to getting caught up with Comcast, Mason’s Shoes and Fingerhut for example. I am looking forward to Ezra going back to school. I will be able to clean up the apartment and enjoy my daily bike rides. Bike riding when it is not raining of course. I do wish that the Montpelier school system would start school in September though.
11:10 a.m. Ezra is at Piper’s, but Xavier and Brook want him to play with them.
11:17 a.m. I definitely have some thing in my eye. I am too lazy to go get it out. Looks like it could rain. Have not checked the weather recently.