Strange things happen to my laundry when I do it at my parents, so I do not want to any more.
It costs $3.00 to wash and dry it here in my apartment building. $1.50 to wash it and $1.50 to dry it.
I have idealized using the Bashara’s laundry mats, but I never really use them. I have not in a long time. When Ezra was a baby I could afford to do our loads there and pay to have it done for us. I do not know if every one would agree, but I thought that that was really fancy. They would come home all folded and wrapped in some sort of blue plastic bag maybe.

Essential Oils



1. Put on the bottom of feet because the largest pores are there. Put at the base of knock, on spine or behind ears.
2. To make hand sanitizer: add citrus to Witch Hazel (then put it in a little spray bottle).
3. Frankincense can help pets with arthritis if you put it on their paws.
4. Can be used to get rid of parasites or insects, to promote happiness, well-being and groundedness. Can be used for colds or fevers, to help you sleep. Can keep insects away from animals too.
5. You can use malaluca oil for cuts and burns; I think.
6. Peppermint (1 drop) can be put in to hot chocolate and can help you wake up in the morning.
7. A drop can be put in a smoothy.