I think if I were to marry Val Kilmer it would show that my parents are a success which they truly are to me.



I want to eat with him, go to church with him, horseback ride and travel. I want to take pictures, raise my children, finish college and write a book about my family history.



The other day Ezra brought home a print out on genes and genomes and DNA, because he wanted to read it. It wasn’t even home work. He has continued saying that he wants to be a doctor. He sounds happy when he says it and I think once he said some thing about how it explains his ego or some thing, which I would have to agree with.

I am surprised that our kitten Mallow seems happy here. She pures and sleep in cute places; under my covers tight up to my body and on me for example. I have found her and Isabelle sleeping close to each other so they are getting along better and they nap at the same times during the day. Yesterday Ezra was patting Isabelle and then Mallow started petting her, which made us both laugh, because Isabelle would hate that and she did. I think she started growling.

But any way, yeah, I’ve had breakfast and lunch. I got Ezra to school. My only worry is gas money. Corrina has been initiating visiting with me and Denise texts me, so I think I have friends. Ezra has a soccer game Friday night and he is going to his dad’s this weekend.

Some new neighbors finally moved in to the apartment building next door. It looks like a black boy who goes to the public school system here in Montpelier. Those are very nice kids. I know because I worked at the cafeteria at the middle school for a few weeks when they needed some help right away.

It is really weird how giving a child to his father has no sting. I am a firm believer that a child should have both of his parents. I do need to wash the dishes, just one modest sink full and Ezra has a scrimmage tomorrow against the 7th graders at the Dog River field in Montpelier and practice tonight. I need to put gas in the car for that, which I have no idea how I am going to do, but it is only 11:22. There is hope in that.

12:25 I cleaned the floors. Being productive is fun and satisfying for me, except there is less worry when I have money in the bank. I have some health issues. I need 2 Maryland Bridges. I am having an A- typical mole removed and today my right calf the veins were protruding. Really bulgy and bumpy looking again. I have 24 lbs. to lose too. All of this stuff would be better dealt with if I had gas in the car and money in the bank.

I still need to clean the toilet and the floor boards, which I need more Clorox Wipes for, but I really feel like I am getting some where. If he had achieved 5 points higher he would have achieved mastery in Literacy and 49 points higher he would have achieved mastery in math.





So ironically the ancestor before Tirzah Wells is Thankful Barnard in my ancestry. Tirzah heeded the prophets call to move to Navoo. Thankful was married to Ebenezer Sheldon. We are related to quite a few Barnards, but that is on my mother’s side of my ancestry and has nothing to do with my father’s last name. Jelyon Longe was married to Nicholas Ford and they were born in the 1500’s.

Jelyon and Nicholas lived in Dorsetshire, England.

Tirzah was 71 years old when she died and all of her ordinances have been completed.

Actually Thankful Barnard comes first and then there is Thankful Stebbins.

I am actually related to a Thompson and some Palmers. I used to have friends with those names, but that doesn’t hold much significance to me. Mary Woodford was born in the 1600’s which I think I have seen a similar name on a sign on the way out to camp. Woodford it might have said.

I have relatives from Somerset, England and I just found some one with my middle name. Winifred Leigh she was married to Knight George Bond and they lived in Somerset or Warwickshire or Hetfordshire, England, some where around there. Sir Thomas Leigh (Lord Mayor) was married to Dame Alice Barker around 1537. Roger Leigh was married to Alice Trafford and he was from Warwickshire, England. Richard Leigh married Lady Margery Sprencheaux in Durham, England. The Leighs actually do turn in to Lees. Robert de Lee of Roden was married to Petronella Lee and he was born in 1381. Sir John de Lee was born in 1364. John de la Lee was born in 1265.

Mabilia de Grandison was born in 1292 and lived in Wiltshire. Now I am getting in to some Lords from Northhamptonshire. England in the 1200’s. Sir Thomas de Corbet, Lord Simon de Pateshull I and Lord the Grandison. Lord Simon was married to Isabel de Stonegrave. Now I’m getting in to Lords and Ladys in Yorkshire. They have very different names like Hawise de Schifnal and Lady Ida Wake of Towcester. Beatrice of Stonegrave and Simon Stonegrave born in the 1220’s. Sir Baldwin Wake III, born in 1238.

Ela Fitzpatrick 3rd Countess of Salisbury

I just found King Henry II Curtmantle, born in 1133. Fulk V King of Jerusalem. King William the Conqueror, King Malcolm the III of Scotland, King Duncan of Scotland, King Edmund Ironsides, King of England. King Stephen the I King of Hungary, King Athelred of England, King Edgar, King Edmund the I of England. AEthelwulf, King of Wessex and the a and the e are connected. It is some sort of symbol. King Ecbert the III of Wessex. King Oslac of the Britons (England). King Eafa of Kent, King Eopa of Wessex, Aethelbert the II King of Kent.

(It would really help me to know what tribe I’m in and I have to be married to do that. I need a Patriarchal Blessing. I need to be in church every Sunday for them to give me one and be considered legit. Patriarchal Blessings are considered a really big deal and you only get one.)

Egbert I King of Kent born in 641. Athelbert I, King of England, Egbert I King of Kent, England whose ordinaces aren’t available. It said contact Family Search if you are a direct descendent, but he was born in 636. I am a direct descendent of King Egbert. I would love for my husband to perform his ordinances, to do his temple work. There is a view my relationship link for me. Actually, this does not seem logical. It says I have no direct link to this person, because my common ancestor is beyond 15 generations. Wouldn’t that be the case for all people born back then? It looks like some work needs to be done on his page as well.

Queen Emma of Austrasia, Anna King of East Anglia. I am in the 500’s. I see that symbol again in his wife’s name. Saewara. The a and the e connected back to back. Some times like after The King of Hungary the names turn in to first names or it looks like a language I don’t know. Wihtred King of Kent, Aethelbert II King of Kent, Eadbert I King of Kent. It is sad when I see as in his case all of his ordinances have been completed except his sealing to his spouse it looks like. And they were all done in 2008 in Texas. There are a couple of people in this area that just say Living for their name and Delete Person is unavailable.

Theodebert King of Metz, Eormenric King of Kent, King Charibert Chlotharsson of France, King Childbert II of Austrasia and Burgundy, Clothar King of the Franks, Clovis King of the Franks who was married to Saint Clotilde Queen of France, Chilperic King of Burgundy

General of the Roman Empire Ricimer Hauptling Von Suevi, King Rechila of Galicia, born 378, King Clotaire “the old” of France, King Chlodwig  of The Reinfraken born in 415 A.D., King of Westphalia Clodio, Queen Argotta of the Salian Franks born in 368, King Marcomir I of The Franks, King Genebald II of the East Franks was married to Princess Blesindela of the East Franks, Dagobert II Duke of The East Franks was married to Duchess Belsinde of the Sicambrian Franks and she was born in 285. He was born in 302. They were married in Westfalia, Prussia, Germany. King Genebald I Merovingian of the East Franks was born in 262, Dagobert I the great Duke of the Salian Franks was married to Queen Illdegonde di Lombardia Duchess of the East Franks. She was born in 235 and he 246. Queen Chlodius the III of the Sicambrian Franks was married to Queen Chlodius of the Salian Franks. They were both born in 200. King Llieffer mawr Lucius was married to Gladys Arviragus Euginsdatter and they were both born in 160. King Bartherus King of the Franks was married to Queen Hermentude Queen of the West Franks. They were both born in 180 and lived to be 92 years old. King Childeric I of the Franks was married to Hastila of the Franks and he was born in 160. King Farabert of the Franks and his wife Hafilda Rugij were born in 122. Chlodomir IV Roi des Francs was married to Princess Hasilda van Rugij of Rugii. He was born in 104 and she was born in 106. Matrcomir King of the Franks was married to Althidius Princess of Britain and she was born in 12 BC. Odomir de Lorraine King of the Sicambrian Franks born in 85. Richemer lived 65 -114. Jesus Christ of Nazarath and Mary Magdala 1-33 was Jesus’ lifetime it says. Saint Joseph Ben Jacob 45 B.C. and Mary (the mother of Jesus) 22 B.C.

Unfortunately, I did not click on those two. It is later in the day and I am having trouble finding my way back. But Procopius of Rome was 240 A.D. Agliofinginne Blood Queen of Cologne from Marne, France was born around 473 and lived to be about 40 years old. King Amalarico II of the Visigoths was married to Queen Clotilda of the Visigoths in 519, Toledo, Castilla La Mancha, Spain. King Athangild of the Visigoths was married to Queen Goswinda of the Visigoths. He was born in 510 and she was born in 520.

King Sigebert of Austria was married to Queen Brunchildis of The Visigoths, King Chilperc of Neustria was married to Gaswintha Queen consort of Neustria. King Sigebert of Austria was married to Queen Brunechilde of the Franks. They were married in Metz, Lorraine, france in 567. Chrodoald King of the Lombards was married to Chodoswinthia de Austria. They were born in the 500’s and married in Bavaria, Germany.



Today I watched “The Other Side Of Heaven”. What a beautiful movie. I was thinking I’m not on a mission in Tonga, but I sort of feel like I am. Ezra’s still yelling away on his XBox and I haven’t been able to catch up with him about it. Today he told me he wished he didn’t have to yell. Avery came over this afternoon.

Maybe I am just drawn to home.

Avery called our cat Mallow a Fluffernutter.

Summer 2018


Ezra earned 1 cent in interest on his savings account over the summer and I got my boating license which is good for life. I think you have to keep the certificate though, because I’ve had one before.

Ezra and I both have comforters on our beds. I am wearing size 10 Levis. I feel like I have stuff to be thankful for. My Aaron’s accounts are finally 100% paid off and my finances should feel like a relief this year, compared to what I am used to because of that.


Ezra and his dad


Ezra and his father have been working out at Planet Fitness and it’s going really well. Ezra spends weekends at his father’s. Tyler cooks for him. He has cable tv. Ezra has been regularly spending two nights at a time there.

The problem is that Tyler’s bottom teeth have begun to hurt him when he’s working out. He lost his top teeth. I was hoping that he would be able to save his bottom ones. When I asked the first time Tyler said that he was brushing his teeth. The last time I asked him though he said he’s not any more. He said they hurt him too much and I think Ezra said Tyler told him some thing like that. He does still have teeth there and I would like to see him keep them. Definitely not suffer in pain and sickness because of them, but when I said “I wish you’d see a dentist” his response was in the negative.

I am not trying to be mean, but I care about Tyler. His father is dying Tyler says. He says he is suffering from “dimensia”, that his is going in for back surgery soon. He might be having it right now or he may have already had it, that they took his driver’s license away from him. I am surprised that he saved no money in his life time? It would cost $1,000.00 to get Tyler good help for his teeth. There is an awesome oral surgeon that I saw who is right on Main Street in Barre. I think his name is Dr. Lesney. I am 43 years old and I saw him almost 2 years ago, when I had to have 2 baby teeth pulled. Anyway, it’s an office that has been beautifully renovated and total I think it cost me over $400., but not $500, so it is around $200. to have a tooth extracted, which is what Aspen Dental stated too.

Why shouldn’t Tyler feel good? He deserves to. He is a good dad to Ezra. He works out. He goes to AA. He does not drink or do drugs. He has his own place. He just needs to lose weight and quit smoking. To us Tyler is every thing, to Ezra and I and any one who can help us with this we would really appreciate it. I kind of see Tyler like Tom. He has given himself to his love for his children, like Tom has given himself to his love of me. They are kind of lost in this way. That is Tyler’s only or most I guess grievous error.

My cat Isabelle is snoring.

I don’t see it as being Tyler’s fault, but I want him to be okay.


The Book of Mormon talks about America in Nephi Chapter 10. That’s the first time I remember seeing that.