In my father’s last days he grew a pumpkin


The most beautiful pumpkin. It was thick with irony. As beautiful as Cinderella’s coach. I had known him to struggle growing pumpkins there at their little house in Montpelier when growing them with my son Ezra and then this season he had this one most amazing pumpkin on the vine.

I will let Autumn carve it with Ezra.

My father; the national guard enlister, the english literature  teacher, the family man who worked various other jobs to make sure his children had a good life in central Vermont grew the most beautiful pumpkin.

“Jack-o-lantern, jack-o-lantern you are such a pretty sight..

looking out at the night…”. My mother was a music teacher and I used to sing that song with her.

My dad was from Massachussettes, but he met my mother in Vermont where she was from and they raised their family here. He was a country man. He would fish, hunt, garden, let the neighboring farm hay our field. We had a large lawn growing up in Lyndonville and East Montpelier. A large portion of it that they would mow or eventually I would.

It is strange and sad to me, but I know Ezra and Autumn will laugh and giggle carving it and it will shine out on the night like a little light house.




Ezra’s father could die. He needs to have infected teeth pulled. The whole top row and 2 of the bottom row. They have been that way for years. He won’t do it and his extended family won’t help him. We don’t live together.

I should say, he will die. He is already illogical from the infection and no one will listen to me when I say that.

2016 Holidays


I am already planning for the holidays this year.

Thanksgiving: I want to have at home with Ezra. I want a turkey, chocolate gravy, cranberry sauce, green beans (one of those holiday recipe types), rolls and pumpkin pie and a log roll for dessert. I want to make or buy a little marzipan squirrel and put it on the log roll. Maybe even stick a chocolate branch out of it.

Christmas: I want an ever green tree, which we have had every year. I want to pre order my gifts, two books for Ezra. Two simple gifts. I don’t want to over do it. Then to fill his stocking as I always do. I long to keep it simple. I don’t mind getting my niece and nephew some thing.

So, the turkey I would like to get ahead of time too and put in my freezer.

Emily is on a swim team pretty much year long. She and Owen have not been over for a movie night in a while. Owen wanted Ezra to come over yesterday, but Ezra and Avery were pushing to get together. Avery did come over today.