The Truth About the Food Additive MSG


As a kid I loved Ramon noodles. I learned how to cook making Kool-Aide, Ramon noodles and chicken noodle soup with Bisquick drop dumplings at Holly Gould’s. Ezra loves Ramon noodles, so I wanted to look up the truth about MSG.

What I noticed about this article is it says that many people state that they are sensitive to MSG and so that is why it has come to be a food that even The FDA has felt they needed to tell people to avoid. Some thing like that.

Deep Vein thrombosis and superficial vein thrombosis


I think I have some information worth sharing. For years I had a very large varicose vein on my lower right leg. Last winter it exploded and I got a blood clot. It extended until it was as all of the way up my right thigh, just about to my groin area. It is July, 6 months later and it is gone. Completely gone. All that is left is a very small black and blue. I was even able to cancel my appointment for surgery which was early in February. It was a superficial vein thrombosis.

These are the things that saved my life:

1. Exercise. I had a history of exercising for years before the blood clot. Even with the varicose vein. I was exercising regularly.

2. I am a Mormon and I had a priesthood blessing from some one in my my church. I was on the temple prayer roll and I said prayers for myself.

3. I wore support stockings, took warm baths and applied a heating pad regularly.

4. I took anti inflammatories, but they did not agree with me so as soon as I could I switched over to an asprin regimen which worked just as well if not better.

5. I have a family physician who I trust with my health. I spoke with her, a surgeon I was referred to and my sister who is a physical therapist who works at a nursing home so I could get perspective and make decisions I was comfortable with.

A picture of me today with cropped pants on, 41 years old.