Update on my bridges


My mother has said that she and my father will pay $4,000.00 for my bridges. I’ll have to pay for the trip. Dr. Livaditis offers his services in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Tyler said he would go with me. I think I would take The Greyhound, find a clean hotel and try to make my appointment during a holiday or vacation when Ezra is off from school. I am going to ask my sister if he can stay with her. Her daughter Emily who is in his grade will be going to U-32 Junior / Senior High School and I don’t want it to be awkward for him. However, Emily’s brother Owen will still be at The Main Street Middle School. I might just have to set the appointment any time, depending on Dr. Laviditis’ schedule. He already has my dental records. I talked with him at the beginning of the summer and he got them from Doctor George.



I filled out Ezra’s forms for school. Went to bring them in and no one was there. I am sure the elementary school is brimming with teachers bustling around and I wonder why the elementary school has so much more protection than the middle school.

I am hoping for a good year. There are things that could go well. He chose nice electives: Band (drumming) and Spanish. His TA this year is the Spanish teacher. He has always excelled in Spanish and he played the Base Drum (Pomp & Circumstance) for the 8th grade graduation last year and he sounded amazing. He literally made the whole graduation. The student speeches were good, but he made up for the rows of creepy, dirty white chairs they used, that literally looked like they had been pulled out of some one else’s dumpster. His band teacher Kirk Krietz has always given him good grades.

Also, this year he can take basketball and baseball through the school, which means we won’t have to pay $35.00 – $50.00 on sign up and there are busses (as there were for me when I played a team sport at U32, soccer) for athletes. No other busses at that school, but I will not have to drive him to away games any more or go even. I can just pick him up when he gets back. I am hoping that the coaches will be fresh and new. We had the same group of coaches through the rec. department and though this started out good, when the kids were little the dynamic became strange.

Summer 2017


My son Tristan will be a teenager this year. He is turning 13 on Sunday. On Sunday Ezra turns 12. Ezra goes in to the 7th grade this fall. Tristan goes in to the 8th.

Baseball 2017


Ezra played on The Montpelier Rangers, 5th & 6th grade team. They have only won one game so far this season and they do not have many games left. I am hoping that Ezra will get called for The All Stars summer division though. Ezra had a good season and he did some pitching which was always impressive.

They have one game left and an end of the year tournament after that. This Saturday night they get to go out on the field with The Mountaineers in their team shirts during The National Anthem.

More interesting details, he has scored many runs and he is good at stealing.

Ezra loves pitching and he is very interested in the speed of a pitch.


National Anthem

Little League night at a Vermont Mountaineers game 2017