In Chapter 44 Alma Zarahemla says Now I can not remember the words which I have spoken, because they are words of war.

He intends to defeat and conquer or at least to move forward in that quest, quickly and with no looking back or hesitation, even though he has spoken to them honestly.



I think that the theory behind buying stock is instead of buying whole companies and dividing your attention too much you can just invest in them.

In this age of digital devices and people being in love with them it might be sort of fun for some people.

It’s not for every one. I am more of a family person. I am a Mormon. I like to stay home and make sure I am available to the kids, cook and work on my family genealogy and invest my time in church,

but I imagine it would be good for family people too who want more of a 9-5 job. I have the feeling that the stock market is an American concept.

Faith Based


I was thinking about how praying is like Ezra’s issues with the internet. High speed, versus low speed internet. Some times it takes a while for it to work.

Monday (MLK)


Lately I’ve been thinking about this theme and this last weekend I was watching General Conference. During Ezra’s life I feel like I have gotten to know Christ better. Our church says that as followers of Christ we will be a peculiar people. I do think that Christ is very peculiar.



Hertfordshire 1441

Blanche de la Pole 1327, Suffolk, England

William de la Pole, Wool Merchant of Hull, born 1302, married in Kingston Upon Hull, East Riding, Yorkshire, England

King John Lackland Plantagenet, King of England, King Henry II Curtmantle, Geoffrey Le Bon Plantagenet, Count of Anjou married to Empress Matilda, King Henry I, King of England, King William the Conqueror of Normandy, Fulk V King of Jerusalem, King Malcolm III of Scotland, Queen Bertrade de Montfort of the Franks.

Robert the Magnificent 6th Duke of Normandy, The Devil, King Robert Capet II 972, Hughes The Great of Paris Duke of France and Normandy, married in Germany, born in 895, King Robert of Robertiens of the Western Franks, Henry I “The Fowler” Saxony, Born July 2, 876, in Germany, Robert Fortis “The Strong” Duke of France, Hugues “The Timid” von Sungau, Count of Tours and Duke of Upper Alsace 775, Adrien Count of Orleans Lord of Wormsgau 773, Luitfried II de Sungau Count of Sundgau, Emma von Alamannen Duchess of Almania of Swabia, Saint William The Great de Gellone 2nd Count of Toulouse, Thierry d’Autun Count of Autun and Toulouse

Childebrand I de Perracy d’Autun 678 Belgium, King Martin de Heristal De Laon born 647, Saint Leudwinus de Treves Bishop of Treves born in 660, Saint Warinus Guerin Autun de Poitiers Count of Poitiers, Saint Marie Sigrade d’Alsace of Soissons, Saint Chlodolphus of Metz lived 596 – 690 married to Mother of Kunza, Saint Arnulph of Metz, Senator Ansbertus Ausbert, Bodegisel of Aquitaine married to Oda of Suevia. He only has 3 ordinances completed and they were done in Sacramento, California in 2009. The rest of them say Not Available or Needs More Information, This person was born before 1500 and they were probably already done. The church needs to come up with one standard about ordinaces and who we are allowed to call family. They have been wavering about this over the last 8 years or so.

I need to get my Patriarchal Blessing so I know what Tribe I’m in.

King of France Clovis, Childeric King of Burgundy, General of The Roman Empire Ricimer, Hauptling von Suevi. He was married to Princess Alypia del Sacro Romano Impero. King Rechila of Galicia. Procopius, whose father was Procopius of The Byzantium Empire 420. He was married to Aelia Marcia Euphemia of The Eastern Roman Empire and 240 Procopius of Rome. That line ended in 377 with Arcadius Claudius Emperor of The Eastern Roman Empire.