I need a new camera. I can’t use the photos application on my tablet any more. I have one in my Amazon cart I like. I think it’s $240.00.

I would like to get my doctorate in horticulture. Agricultural & Biosystems engineering for The University of Arizona is located in Yuma now. It says that’s where their main campus is. Isn’t that weird? They must be using green houses, because it’s all sand dunes there. That’s where George Lucas filmed Star Wars. Kind of interesting, but I wouldn’t want to study there.

If I get some extra money tonight I can go to church and work out some more this weekend.

Saint Patrick’s Day is today, but my nephew Owen’s birthday was Monday and my sister usually makes a bigger deal out of that. Ezra is celebrating with him this weekend.

Weight loss


I’ve been 177 lbs. for a couple of days. Ezra is going to be at a birthday party tonight so I can go up to Planet Fitness then.

I’ll be out of the obese BMI once I’ve lost 7 more pounds.

Early Saturday Morning


This is sad about Tom Gardner. Did he die around January 24? I had just told him about my feelings that I’d realized on my own how bad his health was and that his choice not to get married and follow through on our engagement was easier for me to accept under those circumstances.

I also told him not too long ago about the royal line I’d found in my family tree while doing my ancestry.

Tyler James Morrison


For three consecutive years doing a good job with rehab and AA. He has moved on to AA now. Talking about getting his own apartment, moving out of a roommate situation.

Still overweight, smoking heavily and needs $2,000.00 worth of dental extractions very badly, well, maybe a little under $2,000.00.

Going to Easter brunch with Ezra and I as he does every year. Ezra and I love him very much.

Dental Bridges


Dental bridges are an urgent need (Maryland Bridges) that should be taken care of immediately because teeth can move over time and bone density loss can occur.

March 2018


I just told my sister I would take Owen for two weeks this summer. I am doing it for free, so I hope she is good to me.

My summer is not turning out how I had wanted. 1. No going to camp, too many catfish. 2. Angela asked me to watch Owen for two weeks while she is at work. It will not be every day. 3. I was going to take Ezra to Capitol Plaza in Montpelier for a week, just for a mini vacation, but because I need to set aside money for bridges I can’t afford to. 4. Stephano never got back to me about April vacation, so I don’t feel at this point like I can sign Ezra up at Sunrise Gymnastics for the summer.

Maybe not for Ezra, but the school year is a lot being focused and detail oriented for my taste and I usually look to the summer as some sort of break.