I have a lot of Whitens and Wyntene’s in my family dating all of the way back to the 1300’s. I do have some Gardner’s and at least  one Thomas Gardner that was a knight. In that same section are some Mumfords. It’s funny because a some years back a family of Mumfords moved in to my ward from Utah. This is all on my mother’s side. I have quite a few Smiths too in a similar section, which can some times be spelled with a y.

Lincolnshire is a common area. Once you get to Sir Robert LeStrange, you know you’re on the right track. It does read like a story book my friends, actually ending with King Fornjot instead of Jesus Christ so far as far as my studies. He is a good book end. He was known as a mythological being, a giant. He was a Viking, but it is a misty interesting  path to get there.

That’s why I always was protective of my father, because in real life he was an English teacher. I never heard of a student that did not like him.

It’s sort of interesting how my genealogy so far ends on the sea, when in my mind’s eye that was always where eternity would end.

Then when you get to Hugh I Count of Claremont, you know you are going in the right direction. Mathilde and I am in the 900’s now. Beatrix, Her husband being Ebles I Count of Roucy. We are still in the 900’s. Then Torf “the rich”.

There is a Robert Richard Page around the 1400’s, right before The Plantagenets. And Henry Plantagenet was married to a Matilda.







Ezra’s father got his own apartment. He hasn’t moved in yet. At this point I am comfortable letting Ezra visit him with out my supervision.

I really want to get Tristan home.

Ezra will be an 8th grader at The MSMS this fall.


The Book of Mormon talks about America in Nephi Chapter 10. That’s the first time I remember seeing that.

Weight loss


176 lbs. BMI Overweight

Pretty good since I’ve been eating chocolate truffles and drinking milk. I want to know why I am doing so well. Am I truly on the right track?

I want my son Tristan to know too that I haven’t forgotten him. I am trying to be healthy so I can be with him again.

Dream Interpretation


I had a dream last night my father died. I felt an overwhelming grief. I asked for my brother and a phone.

Maybe what we can take from that is that compassion is important.


I wasn’t going to do this because I was upset with her. The way she left this world was brutal to me, but this woman was one of my best friends for many years. She was a psychic, Tarot card reader who gave me bitters and molasses and was present in my life when both of my children were born.

One year I had Thanksgiving dinner with her beautiful family in their historic home in Topsham, Vermont, besides Mimi and me they have all died (Charlotte and her parents). It was a beautiful meal and Charlotte’s father fell asleep at the table from his beer.

I am sharing this.