Saturday night


Emily and Owen have been hanging out with Ezra. They are here for another hour and a half.

I don’t know what lays ahead. I have some battles. I have to call Green Mountain Power, Fairpoint and I have started getting in to it with my landlord about my blinds. That all happens in the next week and a half. Then I get paid and I’m fine.

1. Green Mountain Power: I have maybe a $45.00 bill each month. I am owing over $100.00 though and each month I pay maybe $30.00. I’ve been told that if you pay them down to $90.00 they will not disconnect you. They told me that. Each month I get a disconnect notice for roughly the 1st, but I get paid on the 3rd. Each month the same scenario, but I feel like at this point of just once they would extend my bill to the 3rd I would pay the full amount, instead of them just giving me an extension to pay it. Asking them for a 2 day extension isn’t a problem. It’s feeling like I want to communicate more, in a space where it isn’t really appropriate for me that is annoying.

2. Fairpoint: has given me a disconnect notice for October 26. I owe them $285.00. I want to ask them for an extension until November 3. My enticement to them in getting them to allow me to do this is that I will pay the full amount then. I am still very worried that they won’t let me, because I have been with them for a couple of months and in total I have only paid them maybe $41.00. I have had very bad and scarey service from them and even been lied to.

3. My landlord: My rent is completely paid and in December I will have been here 11.5 years. Marlee pulled me in to this. Marlee Brunton. She is the apartment building manager for my building. I think she is new as of this year. My landlord’s name is Down Street Housing. They are located in Barre. Early this month, this is October 2017 we had apartment inspections and Marlee was here with a bunch of the maintenance guys. She told me they would hang up blinds in a couple of my windows for me. The metal blinds were originally here. I took them down and hung up curtains that I could take down and wash. I still have the original blinds. The maintenance team tells me she never put in the work order. I have called her 3 times total about this and she hasn’t returned my calls. I ended my texting my landlord about it through Facebook Messenger. I got a response. They said they forwarded it to Marlee and her supervisor, which sounds like the right thing to do, but I got a bad (at the least iffy) feeling about it like it could have been Marley herself. More often than not my feelings about this are right. My response however, was … I ended up telling them I did not want to have to contact Capstone for an advocate.



I had a dream last night that a local office decided to do my bridges. I saw the tooth they were going to use. Then they let me sit there. They did not tell me they were done and I could go. I sat there for a long time before I knew and walked off.

(un)Neighborly Advice


It has been a full year, since my upstairs neighbors moved in and have been too loud, to the extreme, a couple months more than a full year. I will be 43 years old this January. I have never owned my own home and I have never encountered a problem like this before.

Some thing I could add to this is when I moved in here 11 years ago my neighbor lived across the drive with his family. His son Samear was young then. There was a group of children for a long time who would come over and ring my buzzer. Say prank things I guess and run off. I suspected Samear of orchestrating it and doing it. We have buzzer and intercoms so we can push a button to unlock doors and let people in. Samear’s family never apologized to me.