Our cat Mallow is working on opening drawers, turning lights on and lowering my computer chair. She has a lot of personality compared to Isabelle.



I had a neighbor growing up named Kim Jones and I am worried about her. She was different. She had real integrity in her soul that takes strength. She was a pretty, thin, red head, but she did not make faces with her looks. She cared about using etiquette and by that I mean being kind to people as well.

I am worried about her. I heard that around 2003 she was having trouble with heroine. She was getting treatment for that. Years ago she was on Facebook with me. I do not want to say what I am concerned about her about, but I think she might be involved in prostitution.

I definitely don’t know, but it doesn’t seem like she has a legitimate career and that she had any real concern for college. I keep getting overwhelmed by this concern for her. Years ago I asked her to meet me at Morse Farm for a creemee. She said Yes, Jessica I would love to. Then she never did and I found out she was living in Burlington with a boyfriend I think. He had a weird name like Howie or some thing and just didn’t seem like some one with a lot of potential. I formed that idea from pictures and from word of mouth. I had a table at a craft fair with a friend of hers years ago at The Canadian Club in Barre, but I have not seen Kim in years.

Kim’s mother Peggy Jones was saying on Facebook that Kim had stolen an Amazon gift card or two from her.

Kim’s hair was very long and red and pretty, but to me she was just a kind neighbor. A regular part of my life. We played wiffle ball and kick the can. In our teenage years when I started dating things got difficult for her and I. She is 1 year or 3 years younger than me. I have trouble remembering lately and it makes me feel sort of startled. My son’s father and my sister are 2 years younger than me. When I try to remember I get this feeling like I am being interigated and my mind starts chasing it’s tail and I feel frantic. That scenario has been going on with my mind and The Jones for years. My cousin Shannon is a year younger than me, so maybe Kim is 3 years younger. Her sister Jennifer is a year older than me I if I remember correctly and I did not think there was that much of an age difference between them. This is definitely a battle I want to win. I know that and routinely I keep losing it.

We were raised very well and people thought Kim’s house was even nicer than mine, it was just a different style. There would be a noticeable point of decline from A-B as far as she is concerned. I have not seen her in many years, but my belief is she has no children and has never been married. Every thing about Kim was normal and good. We used to have to walk home from school, because we lived on a dirt road.



In Chapter 44 Alma Zarahemla says Now I can not remember the words which I have spoken, because they are words of war. He intends to defeat and conquer or at least to move forward in that quest, quickly and with no looking back or hesitation, even though he has spoken to them honestly.



I think that the theory behind buying stock is instead of buying whole companies and dividing your attention too much you can just invest in them.

In this age of digital devices and people being in love with them it might be sort of fun for some people.

It’s not for every one. I am more of a family person. I am a Mormon. I like to stay home and make sure I am available to the kids, cook and work on my family genealogy and invest my time in church,

but I imagine it would be good for family people too who want more of a 9-5 job. I have the feeling that the stock market is an American concept.

Faith Based


I was thinking about how praying is like Ezra’s issues with the internet. High speed, versus low speed internet. Some times it takes a while for it to work.

Monday (MLK)


Lately I’ve been thinking about this theme and this last weekend I was watching General Conference. During Ezra’s life I feel like I have gotten to know Christ better. Our church says that as followers of Christ we will be a peculiar people. I do think that Christ is very peculiar.