Ezra and I our cat Isabelle is like clockwork. She is nocturnal. Sleeps hard all day long, even snores, is very particular about her sleeping spot. She crawls under the blanket on my bed at times. Then right around 3:00 when Ezra gets out of school she scratches her scratching post. She hangs out through the evening. Sprawling out on the carpet at Ezra’s feet while he plays his video games and watches t.v. And then as we go to bed at 9:30 she springs in to life attacking her toys, sprinting in the apartment and even attacking the bathroom door frame. This happens every day.

Basketball Scores 2016


First scrimmage: Ezra’s team won against the other Montpelier team and he got 4 out of the 5 points

Home vs. Williamstown: 16-26, Montpelier lost

The team is 5th & 6th graders. Next year Ezra will be able to play for his school instead of The Montpelier Recreation Department. One aspect of that that I like is there is a trophy case by the gym at the school, so if they win a trophy it will be displayed in the case.

Second game they lost, but Ezra wasn’t there, because he had a sprained finger.

3rd game: They won. 27-20 It was a home game against Northfield. Ezra did some great dribbling and defensive playing.

4th game: Was just a scrimmage against the other Montpelier team. We lost 9-20. Jim Tringe’s team won. Ezra wants to stay to watch the girls play.

5th game: Home Game 23-26, they lost, but they seem to be in between coaches. The assistant coach Win, was the only guy there today. Gabe was there, but his father who has been coaching was not. Ezra had one or two would be nice assists and his dribbling was good. His playing seems deliberate and I like it.

Varicose vein wellness and healing advocacy 


A neighbor of mine said on the elevator that the varicose veins on her upper thigh had gotten really bad and she is supposed to wear those support stockings. Those really do help.

When I was a child I think it was standard thinking that varicose veins can’t kill you, that they are a cosmetic issue and you are vain if you let it bother you, but I think there are a lot of women really suffering because of them. If a blood clot becomes DVT (deep vein thrombosis) … they start out as a superficial vein thrombosis, but if it becomes a DVT, which just means it has crossed a certain line (the groin) then it is deadly. If it gets in to the lung it kills you and basically from what I was told (and my sister is a physical therapist who works in a nursing home) once it crosses in to DVT it will get in to your lung.

Warm applications of heat help. And hot baths. Be creative so you make it fun for yourself and some thing you want to do. Use Epsom salt or bath pouches. This is a heating pad I have.


This is the type of thing you want to use. This one you put in the microwave for 1 minute.

Keep your leg elevated.

And continually try to get back to a BMI that is healthy for you.

How do I know this? Because last winter I survived a huge varicose vein bursting and the blood clot travelling all of the way up my lower leg to the top of my leg. It is gone now. I was so lucky to have a supportive church ward and a foundation of exercise that had been going on for years, but these tips will help you.

My sister has a degree from UVM and she regularly treats people with this or has treated people with this she told me a year ago.

A good thing to know is that all surgeries can cause blood clots, so the best thing to do is be proactive and preventative.


This is the brace I bought for my leg. I have a small discoloration left from my ordeal that looks like a bruise. I will update you if it helps.