I guess I should have been talking about this. We did not have a computer for a while, just our tablets and I could no longer post on Word Press from there. Ezra’s father Tyler has told me to have no contact with him. He is still living in an apartment on Merchant Street in Barre. I have not been in communication with him since this spring. His teeth are very bad almost all of them need to be pulled or I guess if he is lucky have fallen out, but that creeps me out to say. I had to have 2 teeth pulled within the last month. I am 42 they were baby teeth with no adults behind them. They are molars towards the back. The roots had died and they turned yellow, but even in a legitimate situation like that just 2 teeth, that I had pulled with novacain my mouth was widely affected, itching all of the way down my throat for years and I did not know why.

Tyler had 2 or 3 teeth pulled with no novacain in Northfield and I think his body went in to some shock.

I told him that if he wanted to continue having Ezra over alone he needed to be responsible and take care of his mouth. He said no he would not and that I could have no contact with him and he has stuck to that. Tyler likes to have boundries and it might be just that is the only thing he can hang on to. He is unable to think clearly, because of his health. All he needs is $2,000.00 to have his dental work done. I would have helped him if I had the money. He has been suffering for years.

Tyler went through more than a year of rehab at The Phoenix House in Barre, located at the bottom of the interstate, by Hannfords. He has been successfully endeavored in AA since then, very impressively I think. I guess he is disappointed that he has done all that work and put in all that effort and still his health is failing him. The only health problem he has is this problem with his teeth and it would only take money to fix it. I don’t want to lose him and he is a good dad to Ezra.


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