One of my ancestors is mentioned in this book I am reading called Transylvania, History and Reality. King Stephen The Holy. His son was Sunad. King Stephen The Holy was king of Transylvania, when Transylvania was not under Hungarian rule.

The 4th king of Transylvania, adopted orthodox Christianity, which King Stephen who was Catholic, did not like.



One of my relatives is King Fornjot. He was known as a mythological giant. I am reading about him in Handbook of Norse Mythology. His children were Logi, Aegir and Kari. It says that gold was used to light Aegir’s hall when he entered the aesir, so strangely it sounds like gold can be used as a fuel, not necessarily for an alien ship though, but I guess when I was drunk and I read a lot I was on to some thing. Aesir means temple.

Norway was settled by King Fornjot. His children were sea, fire and wind. When I started reading about him it mentioned Thor.

Aegir’s daughters are the waves. Ran is his wife and the mother of his daughters. Their children’s names mean: transparent on top, 3 of them mean wave, Bloody-hair, lifting, billow, powerful and cool-wave. Ezra and his Grandfather Morrison like to refer to themselves as Cool Man online. The author of this book says they take Bloody-hair to refer to reddish foam atop a wave.

I also have relatives that are from Transylvania and I am trying to find time to read about that as well. King(s) and Queen(s). I have 2 library books that are due back in April.

Fornjot was “progenitor of the elements according to Norwegian tradition”. The Saga of the Orkney islanders it refers to.

King Fornjot ruled Gotland or Finnland.

Kari was the father of Frosti (meaning frost) Snaer (meaning snow) Jokall (glacier)

Then these maybe are his grandchildren Thorri (4th month of winter) Fon (heap of snow) Drifta (snowdrift) and Mjoll (fresh powdery snow). The last 3 names are feminine.

Thorri was a king. His children were Nor, Gor and Goi.

In one poem by Thjodolf of Hvin the line “son of Fornjot” seems to mean fire.

I am just reading now, but Logi and Fornjot were giants.

There is a cute story about Logi in an eating contest in an aesir.

I have some times felt over the years like I am in an eating contest, because eating alone is kind of weird. Some times Ezra is here, but some times he is at school or with friends or at sports or activities.


They were known as mythological deities, Gods. There was a God named Snorri or some thing like that associated with this group. I wonder if that could have some thing to do with my snoring.

3/10/2018 I woke myself up again snoring this morning. It is 4:00 a.m.




I have come to think of the atonement as different. Now I think of it as one eye single to God’s purpose.

I used to think of it as the souls of humanity combining in sort of a Buddhist concept of enlightenment I guess.


For wherever your treasure is there shall your heart be also. ~This is from 3Nephi and I have found it to be true. In trying to retrieve Tristan I think I have furthered my testimony of the importance of being sealed to your husband and children.