Brakes: I have a situation with my brakes, but I don’t feel like writing about it right now. I took it to The Montpelier Auto Clinic today and they said they are fine.

I think it is the front ones that are bad. Before I took it to get them inspected today my mother said nothing had been done with them since October 2014 at Stones in Barre.

3/14/2018 Tyler was lucky enough to experience the trouble with my brakes yesterday. We’re both okay though.

The Scriptures / coming together


The Book of Alma and The Book of Genesis seem special when considering our bodies.

We get Endowments and Initiatories in this life. We don’t have to wait until we are dead. In our Endowment we learn about our divine nature. They are temple ordinances.

My testimony of the prophet Thomas S. Monson


While Thomas S. Monson was prophet being a Mormon became simpler for me. I learned to do genealogy work and submit my ancestors ordinances to the temple for completion.

I became aware of the royal line I am directly related to through my mother’s side in Vermont.

My son Ezra Sumner Morrison was baptised at the age of 8 just before the holidays.