The Scriptures / coming together


The Book of Alma and The Book of Genesis seem special when considering our bodies.

We get Endowments and Initiatories in this life. We don’t have to wait until we are dead. In our Endowment we learn about our divine nature. They are temple ordinances.

My testimony of the prophet Thomas S. Monson


While Thomas S. Monson was prophet being a Mormon became simpler for me. I learned to do genealogy work and submit my ancestors ordinances to the temple for completion.

I became aware of the royal line I am directly related to through my mother’s side in Vermont.

My son Ezra Sumner Morrison was baptised at the age of 8 just before the holidays, that includes Thanksgiving.

Baseball 2017


Ezra played on The Montpelier Rangers, 5th & 6th grade team. They have only won one game so far this season and they do not have many games left. I am hoping that Ezra will get called for The All Stars summer division though. Ezra had a good season and he did some pitching which was always impressive.

They have one game left and an end of the year tournament after that. This Saturday night they get to go out on the field with The Mountaineers in their team shirts during The National Anthem.

More interesting details, he has scored many runs and he is good at stealing.

Ezra loves pitching and he is very interested in the speed of a pitch.


National Anthem

Little League night at a Vermont Mountaineers game 2017